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Waste picking women form the most marginalized group among the unorganized workers. An estimated number of over 8000 families in Indore earn their livelihood from waste picking. And three times the numbers of people depend on allied activities with the waste collection and the waste recycling trade. They include the rag-picking women, itinerant buyers, small traders and middle-men, stockiest, workers at the small and medium sorting units, recycling factories and the dealers of the end products. Thus Janvikas has been working with the waste picking women, to mobilize them under the banner of a recognized organization, wherein they would gain from the collective strength and get the privileges of a registered body.


The children of the waste pickers and other working women in the Slums in Indore suffer most from lack of care, nutrition and education as their mothers as unorganized workers, waste pickers and domestic workers, get little time to care for their family and children. The mother has to go for work from early morning to late evening to find family’s both ends meet. In such situation the small infant is left with the elder sibling to be cared for which makes these children to remain at home and not to go to school.

Janvikas is running bridge course centers in slums as models for prevention of child labour.  Lack of proper facilities for education make the children child labourers.  Through the bridge course centers working children and the drop out students are mainstreamed by preparing them for the board exams according to their leaning capacity and age.


Integrity to environment is basic in all our developmental activities. Environmental degradation is a serious threat to the whole creation and especially to humankind. This necessitates the integration of environmentally sustainable activities in our social approach. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, we take full attention to the environmental dimension in all our development activities. Many of our activities are in fact geared to the reduction of environment pollution like promotion of recycling of solid wastes, use of renewable energy etc.