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Bridge Course Centers

Bridge Courses have been organized for those who have never been enrolled, those dropped out from schools and those children who were unable to cope with school. Most of these children were sent to work to earn their own livelihood by their parents. They get employed for menial jobs, or take up collecting the waste from the dust-bins and the dumping place.  They get addicted to drugs and even affected by various diseases. Drop out and working children are identified and Bridge Course Centers are initiated in different slums.  Those selected children are taught in the centers and are admitted in the schools, every year.

Tuition Classes

Those children from the slums who go to schools learn very little in the schools. Parents are not able to attend to their homework because vast majority of the parents are illiterate. As a result the children do not perform well in the schools. Some of them also fail in their exams regularly. In order to help those children, SAMMAN organizes tuition classes for the slum children.

Awareness Programs

Awareness programs are conducted on various issues for the slum dwellers. Subjects such as mother and child health care, HIV/AIDS, prevention of alcohol and drugs are dealt.  Trainings are given on environment protection, human rights, education of children, small savings, etc.

Youth Peace Committee

The “Youth Peace Committee” is the concept where the local youth members come together to address the local issues through awareness and motivational programmes in the slums, through Street Plays some of the social evils in the community are highlighted that create problems in the families, hinder the normal growth of the children and pollutes the social atmosphere.