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Integrity to environment is basic in all our developmental activities. Environmental degradation is a serious threat to the whole creation and especially to humankind. This necessitates the integration of environmentally sustainable activities in our social approach. Therefore, in order to achieve sustainable development, we take full attention to the environmental dimension in all our development activities. Many of our activities are in fact geared to the reduction of environment pollution like promotion of recycling of solid wastes, use of renewable energy etc.

  1. Promoting Utilization of Solar Energy.

The intricate relation between the environmental protection and development is kept in every effort we make for development. We have dovetailed the promotion of renewable energy use into our programme of vocational Training. This is also a step in the direction of environment protection through promotion of renewable energy use.

  1. Training in Compost Making and Organic Farming:-

Compost making is a profitable process of recycling the solid waste. It is an environment friendly use of waste materials. We give training to farmers to make vermi-compost out of household waste and garden waste etc. Vermi compost making reduces the dependency of farmers on chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

  1. Awareness creation on decentralized waste Management and disposal:-

The urban environment becomes filthy as the residents carelessly throw the solid waste of every sort into the open. The waste pickers collect these waste materials and sell them to recycling units after sorting and grading them. The waste pickers play the role of keeping the city clean of the waste that people throw out. There are two such recycling centers of plastic that are functioning under the supervision of Janvikas Society.

4.  “Swach Bharat Mission” 

Janvikas is actively involved in creating awareness among residents of Indore city in collaboration with Indore Municipal Corporation to keep the surrounding and city clean.